In the Kitchen: Yixing Teapot

Teapot - Before

I recently decided to go about seasoning my Yixing teapot for a blog post, seeing how it kills two birds…both a blog post for here as well as a Facebook post for those following Drink the Tea. For those interested in following along at home, I used the process outlined here for seasoning my teapot. […]

Eating Muster: Pork and Chicken

No food snapshots this week…I’ll do better next week. Week 3: The Old: Chicken Fajitas – Turns out my mom hasn’t put up a recipe for this. <dramatic sigh> I’ll do up a recipe post for this sometime in the next few weeks. We used the leftover peppers/onions for putting on top of hot Italian […]

Eating Muster: 100 new recipes this year!

I was thinking that I should try to cook 100 new dishes this year. Originally I was thinking I’d try out one new recipe a week, but realized I had already tried out way more than that, so I uppsed the number. Here’s what I’ve made so far (both new and familiar dishes). Week 1: […]

Girly Stuff: Julep Nail Polish

Julep Polishes

Can we talk about nail polish for a couple of  minutes? I’m apparently a wrecking ball when it comes to keeping my nails looking nice. This might have something do with how I sorta bite my nails (MAYBE). I pretty much destroy a new manicure about an hour after it’s finished, just by doing basic […]

New Skills: Rocksmith


One of my Christmas presents this year was Rocksmith (PC). I’ve used a handful of digital guitar lesson softwares in the past and wasn’t particular impressed with any of them. I have a hard time learning when I’m not receiving specific feedback or personalized “here’s what you should work on next”, or minor things that only […]

Quick Welcome! Yearly goals!

I’m tickled this domain wasn’t taken. I need a name outside of my business website for random posting and updates, but it’s always hard to choose a name or personality when moving forward on this type of endeavor. I’m bad at naming things, though somehow anytime there’s a naming-things brainstorm, whatever joke-name I come up with […]

Two Months: Video Games

Starting after cleaning up Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve been putting in a few 8-12 hour days of video games. Steam had an unbelievable sale going on, and I had a backlog of computer games I haven’t been able to play in the last two and a half years since my PC broke, so I’ve been getting […]

9 Things

9 Things Every Happy Person Should Have 1. A go-to drink. Sours. I like when they’ve got a little something extra going on for them like a flavored simple syrup or a unique base spirit (Canon has one with chamomile scotch). I love that Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s version has both amaretto and bourbon. I’ve still never had […]

Day Twenty-Eight: Messy

A month has passed and I don’t feel like I’ve gotten much of anything done (other than gaining weight). It’s clear I’ve been spending more time at home from my things that have been strewn in every room, and I can plot a trail through the house of where I’ve been working on crafts, halfway […]

Day Twenty-Two: Busy

Things have been a bit crazy here at home. Between trying to get the house in shape, trying to get the work I’m still getting completed, looking for jobs, working on updating my resume and portfolio, redesigning my website, coming up with other side projects I could make to show off some of my skills, […]