New Skills: New Goals

I’ve been doing a lot of thought recently into where I currently am and where I would like to be. Instead of some grandiose future goals, like I typically would have in the past (money/power/love/world domination), I have a lot of things in my life that I am generally happy with and identified a few […]

Girly Stuff: Weight

So here’s the thing. I’m fat. This isn’t me fishing for compliments, and I don’t want to hear about body issues or how people are obsessed with thinness. I know whatever number my weight happens to be at, this isn’t necessarily an accurate of my overall health. I also know that BMI doesn’t really conclusively count for […]

Fun Fact…

For every 1 person who disdainfully eyerolls because you’re asking them to choose a color scheme for their site, there are 5 people who act like picking a color scheme for their site is THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION THEY WILL EVER MAKE.

Unemployment: Things I’ve Learned While Job Hunting

Basically, I’ve learned the online job-hunting system is the most awful thing ever. Surprise! Turns out not much has changed from the unmitigated disaster the internet was back in the 90’s, and most job sites have zero consideration for the ease of use or clarity. Maybe it’s simply more frustrating for me since the job I’m […]

Eating Muster: Picking up Steam

Originally I had some depressing “falling behind” related title for this post. Turns out I’m actually exactly where I should be for my goal this week. Funny what real data reveals. This is even after I took a week off from cooking too crazy last week (I really didn’t feel like menu planning) and I […]

Eating Muster: Evol Chipotle Chicken Mac & Cheese

Trying something new out blog-wise, but also something new I tried was the Evol Chipotle Chicken Mac & Cheese. I like their burritos well enough, and I thought I’d try out their Mac & Cheese for one of my lunches this week. That said, I totally cheated and baked it in the oven instead of microwaving […]

Unemployment: Too Much Work

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long! But I have good excuses: Health I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of a few medical issues I’ve had since my late teens/early twenties so aside from a few crummy visits to the doctor I’ve also been put on New, Better Medicine (’cause throw pills at […]

Unemployment: Budgeting

I know a lot of people can be intimidated by budgeting, and money matters in general. I used to be the same way, until I realized I was making too many mistakes and being caught off guard too often by overdraft fees and not being prepared for regular expenses. Finally, when I was in college […]

Eating Muster: Classic Chicken Dishes

So last week’s “I guess I’ll just not have pasta or bread!” was awful…to the point where I was having dreams at night about stuffing my face full of bread. On top of that, I also started to cut back our portion sizes, along with actually exercising. I was so hungry all week, and it […]

Unemployment: Moving


Getting a little panicky, as I realized that since May is our last month in this house (and good f’ing riddance)…we should probably start considering looking for a new place. There’s just so much up in the air right now…not having a job is making it a little worrying to pick a location to live for […]