Day Three: Frustrated

Bread and BrieToday’s been difficult…random things shouldn’t be going wrong are exploding, nothing is working quite the way it should, and it’s been very difficult to get anything done without a lengthy process. All of my bills were more than they normally are, and there’s not much leftover. I just feel ineffectual today…maybe tomorrow will be better.

My mom made bread and gave me some. It’s really yummy with brie melted on top.


My day:

  • Went grocery shopping
  • (Almost) paid all the bills
  • Got paperwork ready
  • Dishes…kitchen still a disaster
  • Made soft pretzels, roasted garlic, fried chicken, waffles, and gravy
  • Dealt with a gallon of chicken stock…one gallon left to go
  • Exercised for half an hour
  • Sat around feeling blah about myself
  • Put together my office chair and swapped it out with the one I was using
  • Threw a jar of pickles on the ground. The sediment refused to settle after a few hours and I could easily pierce the skin with a fingernail (not the case with the other jars of pickles). Decided not to keep that jar.
  • Worked for an hour
  • Signed up for a new web host
  • More blah.

This made me feel happy today.

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