Unemployment: Too Much Work

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long! But I have good excuses:


I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of a few medical issues I’ve had since my late teens/early twenties so aside from a few crummy visits to the doctor I’ve also been put on New, Better Medicine (’cause throw pills at the problem, right?) This means I went from being miserable on my last medication to being nauseous on this new medication. After a lot of tests, turns out there’s nothing wrong with me, and more pills are totally the best solution!

Video Games

I bought Threes. I’m even having problems with playing Threes instead of typing this. I bought it on Thursday and I can’t stop playing. Evan, who doesn’t have an iPhone has been playing mine when he gets the chance, which means we’ve been having a bit of a high-score battle (I’m currently winning). We’ve stayed up well past our bedtimes playing almost every evening since we’ve gotten it. It’s that addictive.

Book Stuff

Vivian has me making some edits to a few of her books as well as turning them into ebooks for the upcoming Con season. Part of this is a bunch of boring text editing in InDesign, part of this is learning about making nice ebooks (surprise, it’s a crapshoot), part of this was taking brand new pictures for sections that are going to be added to Drink the Tea.

What little work I do have…

I have about 5 hours worth of work per week where I do email marketing for a few different clients. Sometimes this unfortunately happens where at least 10-15 of those hours all coincide in the same week, and usually between Friday and Monday of said week. Bye, weekend!

Personal Design

I’ve been doing a really bad job of getting things done for my own business and web work simply because I’ve been putting as much effort as I can into finding a full time job. This has been pretty fruitless so far, so I’m attempting to get a few things done that are well overdue on my own stuff…particularly in the event that I don’t find a good job before April and have to go back to working retail or something awful, at least I can supplement that income with some web work.

Pre-Moving Purge

I’ve rounded up two bags of stuff to toss already, plus have been rounding up all my collections of junk and sorting them into one location (all my jewelry in a place, all my makeup in a place, etc.). It’s been fun in some ways…it’s a bit like putting together a puzzle: finding broken pieces of things or unfamiliar parts and then finding whatever it belongs to and connecting them again. Also, bobby pins really DO end up everywhere.

Overall Depression

I’ve been trying really, really hard to stay motivated to get as much done as possible every day and limiting my video game and TV time. I just don’t want to do anything at all anymore. I’d probably feel a bit better if I spent my time reading or gaming or whatever, but I mostly just sit still and do nothing (not even sadly, mostly just empty and meh). It’s really hard to be creative while in this mode, and I feel like when I try to create something interesting it comes out like a giant turd. I know that physically feeling like crap is probably not helping the situation. I’m just going to try to wash away my Mehs by playing more Threes.

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