Two Months: Video Games

Starting after cleaning up Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve been putting in a few 8-12 hour days of video games. Steam had an unbelievable sale going on, and I had a backlog of computer games I haven’t been able to play in the last two and a half years since my PC broke, so I’ve been getting some play in on anything I can find that has a Mac version. This started with Evan playing a little Civ 4 on his new laptop, which I then got for myself. This destroyed Evan’s NaNo progress and my ability to go to bed at a decent hour. One thing lead to another, and we now both have Civ 5 as well (which I think I prefer, overall). I also ended up grabbing Papers, Please (a bureaucratic, detail-oriented thriller), Fez (bright and colorful!), Eldritch (MineLoveCraft), and finally got around to playing Amnesia: Dark Descent (super scary).

It is also (wonderfully so) Skyrim season here in Colorado…the sub-zero temperatures outside have made me thankful that I get to stay in. I definitely get a bit less stir-crazy every time I look outside and realize I want nothing to do with the snow. That said, in my decade plus of computer access, I’ve never spilled on my keyboard…I’ve probably spilled liquids on my bed, bedroom floor, or nightstand 3 or 4 times since I moved my Xbox into the room.

If anyone has awesome game recommendations (for 360, PS3, or Mac) let me know.

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