Eating Muster: Evol Chipotle Chicken Mac & Cheese

Trying something new out blog-wise, but also something new I tried was the Evol Chipotle Chicken Mac & Cheese. I like their burritos well enough, and I thought I’d try out their Mac & Cheese for one of my lunches this week. That said, I totally cheated and baked it in the oven instead of microwaving it, but I wanted to get the best possible bowl of Mac & Cheese possible. It was surprisingly tasty! Decently spicy (though I could have used a little more heat) and I really liked the corn chip topping. I also liked how (spoiler alert!) they have their logo on the bottom of the bowl. I wasn’t particularly excited about their other flavors in the normal Mac & Cheese but both of their gluten-free flavors look intriguing…maybe I’ll try one of those out if the store carries them.

Evol didn’t in any way sponsor or pay me to write this post blah blah blah.

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