Day Six: Slacking

Bright and early Evan and I went up to Fort Collins for a few things. We met his dad at Snooze for breakfast…they had loaded baked potato pancakes as their special, and it was the best thing I’ve eaten there in a long time (maybe even worth the hour wait). The Fort Collins Office Depot is closing, so I was able to get a USB drive for pretty cheap; hopefully everything will fit on it so I can reformat my computer.

I can’t seem to get past having an hour or two of being really sad every day and being unable to snap out of it.

Today I:

  • Took a driving lesson
  • Watched loads of Star Trek
  • Didn’t have to cook
  • Took a nap
  • Played a bunch of Diablo

One Response to “Day Six: Slacking”

  1. It’s an adjustment, and it definitely takes some time. I think you’re doing great! Keep up the positive attitude 🙂


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