Day Eleven: Monotony

Overall I feel out of touch; is my email being received? Is my phone not accepting incoming calls? Are my files actually uploading or are they just pretending to transfer? Is anything being accomplished?

I had lots to work on today. Paying work. Of course, none of it was complete and it took forever to get responses, and it’s all due on the same day. Turns out that at my current rate, the most I can work in a week is 4.5 hours without it subtracting from my unemployment. Luckily one of the clients has been delivering email files weeks in advance, so I’m able to space my work appropriately. Things get a bit hectic for email at the end of the month.

Evan was super helpful today. I didn’t want to move or do anything at all today, and he cooked breakfast and bought pizza for dinner, and made me smile a few times. Otherwise the rest of the day was a blur of slowly working on emails and trying to shuffle files around on the worst internet connection I’ve experienced in years.

Internet speeds got so slow today that I contacted tech support…they have no idea what’s wrong (though were convinced it was my computer’s fault and not the network). Turns out after going through their steps, it’s NOT my devices. Sadly this means I wasn’t able to edit a big batch of pictures I was planning on posting, so hopefully I’ll have that taken care of today or tomorrow (both the network speed and the photo editing).

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