Day Ten: Stress

I spent most of the day tersely backing up files for the upcoming computer reformat. Turns out even with a decent sized USB drive, plus all the empty space on my Google Drive and Amazon Cloud, I still don’t have quite enough space to back everything up. It was very slow and tedious trying to […]

Day Eight: One Week

Today has largely been spent gobbling up my bandwidth…my mom’s website is a beast which I had to download, then upload elsewhere, while also uploading archives of all of my old work files to their server. I’ve been working with the slowest upload speeds imaginable. Eight hours in and I’m mostly done uploading my mom’s […]

Day Seven: Uneventful Again

While prying open my Xbox controller to clean it, I apparently missed removing a screw and pried nearly all of my thumbnails off instead. It makes it difficult to use the touchscreen on my phone. I can’t get my budget, bank account, and spending totals to match…I’m not sure where the discrepancy is. Somewhere in […]

Day Six: Slacking

Bright and early Evan and I went up to Fort Collins for a few things. We met his dad at Snooze for breakfast…they had loaded baked potato pancakes as their special, and it was the best thing I’ve eaten there in a long time (maybe even worth the hour wait). The Fort Collins Office Depot […]

Day Five: Confusing

I’ve already entered the special realm of not knowing what day of the week it is. I did a little bit of work and had a phone call (and potentially an interview next week). Most of my unemployment paperwork showed up, which was surprisingly fast. I also heard word about getting to do some absinthe […]

Day Four: Uneventful

My mom decided to wake me up this morning at an ungodly hour (10am) to ask why I hadn’t blogged yet. Yesterday kinda ran away from me, and after eating breakfast, doing yoga, and playing a little bit of video games, I spent the next 5 hours switching webhosts (which was enough to get everything […]

Day Three: Frustrated

Today’s been difficult…random things shouldn’t be going wrong are exploding, nothing is working quite the way it should, and it’s been very difficult to get anything done without a lengthy process. All of my bills were more than they normally are, and there’s not much leftover. I just feel ineffectual today…maybe tomorrow will be better. […]

Day One: I’m unemployed.

Today I was laid off, which I suppose is the term you use when you didn’t get fired for Reasons, but because they don’t want to pay money for your presence anymore. It feels a bit strange knowing I did the work I had with effort and a decent amount of speed, but in the […]