Unemployment: Things I’ve Learned While Job Hunting

Basically, I’ve learned the online job-hunting system is the most awful thing ever. Surprise! Turns out not much has changed from the unmitigated disaster the internet was back in the 90’s, and most job sites have zero consideration for the ease of use or clarity. Maybe it’s simply more frustrating for me since the job I’m […]

Unemployment: Too Much Work

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long! But I have good excuses: Health I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of a few medical issues I’ve had since my late teens/early twenties so aside from a few crummy visits to the doctor I’ve also been put on New, Better Medicine (’cause throw pills at […]

Unemployment: Budgeting

I know a lot of people can be intimidated by budgeting, and money matters in general. I used to be the same way, until I realized I was making too many mistakes and being caught off guard too often by overdraft fees and not being prepared for regular expenses. Finally, when I was in college […]

Unemployment: Moving


Getting a little panicky, as I realized that since May is our last month in this house (and good f’ing riddance)…we should probably start considering looking for a new place. There’s just so much up in the air right now…not having a job is making it a little worrying to pick a location to live for […]

Two Months: Video Games

Starting after cleaning up Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve been putting in a few 8-12 hour days of video games. Steam had an unbelievable sale going on, and I had a backlog of computer games I haven’t been able to play in the last two and a half years since my PC broke, so I’ve been getting […]

Day Twenty-Eight: Messy

A month has passed and I don’t feel like I’ve gotten much of anything done (other than gaining weight). It’s clear I’ve been spending more time at home from my things that have been strewn in every room, and I can plot a trail through the house of where I’ve been working on crafts, halfway […]

Day Twenty-Two: Busy

Things have been a bit crazy here at home. Between trying to get the house in shape, trying to get the work I’m still getting completed, looking for jobs, working on updating my resume and portfolio, redesigning my website, coming up with other side projects I could make to show off some of my skills, […]

Day Fifteen: Food Round-up

I’ve been cooking like a fiend over the last two weeks since I have so much extra time to dedicate to it. I figured I’d put together a list of recipes for reference. Grapefruit Yogurt Cake (super tasty) Spicy Cocoa Roasted Carrots (meh, needs some tweaking) Hot Buttered Fluffy Pretzels (turned out surprisingly well) Spiced Black Lentils with […]

Day Twelve: Work

Today I essentially worked all day: on emails, on branding, on looking for job leads, on fixing my network issues, on unemployment legalities, and getting my desk from the office and setting things up. I made a quick dinner and Evan and I played some Elder Sign and chatted over some tasty drinks he made, […]

Day Eleven: Monotony

Overall I feel out of touch; is my email being received? Is my phone not accepting incoming calls? Are my files actually uploading or are they just pretending to transfer? Is anything being accomplished? I had lots to work on today. Paying work. Of course, none of it was complete and it took forever to […]