Eating Muster: Classic Chicken Dishes

So last week’s “I guess I’ll just not have pasta or bread!” was awful…to the point where I was having dreams at night about stuffing my face full of bread. On top of that, I also started to cut back our portion sizes, along with actually exercising. I was so hungry all week, and it […]

Unemployment: Moving


Getting a little panicky, as I realized that since May is our last month in this house (and good f’ing riddance)…we should probably start considering looking for a new place. There’s just so much up in the air right now…not having a job is making it a little worrying to pick a location to live for […]

In the Kitchen: Yixing Teapot

Teapot - Before

I recently decided to go about seasoning my Yixing teapot for a blog post, seeing how it kills two birds…both a blog post for here as well as a Facebook post for those following Drink the Tea. For those interested in following along at home, I used the process outlined here for seasoning my teapot. […]

Eating Muster: Pork and Chicken

No food snapshots this week…I’ll do better next week. Week 3: The Old: Chicken Fajitas – Turns out my mom hasn’t put up a recipe for this. <dramatic sigh> I’ll do up a recipe post for this sometime in the next few weeks. We used the leftover peppers/onions for putting on top of hot Italian […]

Eating Muster: 100 new recipes this year!

I was thinking that I should try to cook 100 new dishes this year. Originally I was thinking I’d try out one new recipe a week, but realized I had already tried out way more than that, so I uppsed the number. Here’s what I’ve made so far (both new and familiar dishes). Week 1: […]

Girly Stuff: Julep Nail Polish

Julep Polishes

Can we talk about nail polish for a couple of  minutes? I’m apparently a wrecking ball when it comes to keeping my nails looking nice. This might have something do with how I sorta bite my nails (MAYBE). I pretty much destroy a new manicure about an hour after it’s finished, just by doing basic […]

New Skills: Rocksmith


One of my Christmas presents this year was Rocksmith (PC). I’ve used a handful of digital guitar lesson softwares in the past and wasn’t particular impressed with any of them. I have a hard time learning when I’m not receiving specific feedback or personalized “here’s what you should work on next”, or minor things that only […]

Quick Welcome! Yearly goals!

I’m tickled this domain wasn’t taken. I need a name outside of my business website for random posting and updates, but it’s always hard to choose a name or personality when moving forward on this type of endeavor. I’m bad at naming things, though somehow anytime there’s a naming-things brainstorm, whatever joke-name I come up with […]